A Small Collection of Folk Tales

by In A Wild Deep

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This album is based from a book of folk tales; and I can only hope this music lets you feel a little bit of the way I felt reading them over and over again.
Here is what some other people have said:

"with great songs, vocals and arrangements, In A Wild Deep is definitely a band to keep an eye on."
"there’s something very original going on here, especially in the complexity of the arrangements and song structures."
"Since I often find myself wanting more, I usually resort to listening to the EP more than once. "
-Common Folk Music

"the band leaves the listener desiring not only more songs, but destined on a search to find work that evokes this ideal of comfort. It feels downright good to listen to this EP. "

"A Small Collection of Folk Tales is a fantastically quiet, nuanced trip through the forest on some cold night."
-SF station Pulse


released October 7, 2011

Black Reed - vox, bass, banjo, other
J King - guitar (bowed and otherwise), other
Kenna Elliot - vox
Papa Yaga - vox
Matt Rubin - trumpet
Mixed by P. Everett McPartland
Design by Austin Trotter
Photo by Leszek Paradowski "The First Scene"



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In A Wild Deep Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Before the Desert Night Was Cold
They journeyed to the cave and shed their clothes on the way. They warmed each others blood, honored the day and dying sun. She missed him most at night. She missed keeping warmth and light in the cold of the desert night. She missed their ritual when she kept the fire. They were the Gods favored fire and heated the night like the moon desires but it calls for the blood of two and when he left all hope was through. We know because she stayed and felt the fire in her blood fade. She missed him most at night, when it’s cold outside.
Track Name: Regarding the Fox and the Wolf
Who let the fox win?
With what intension?
Who wrote the wolf’s end only to let the fox win?
They’ve done terrible things.
It seems with worst intensions a fox has let the fox win.
With stolen pen a fox has made himself out to win.
If there is no god there should at least be one I stories.
Track Name: ... so they laid down.
A new moon, the stars shined through and suddenly you felt so small; you gave out and laid down to find the meaning in all of it and how we might fit. I’ll just lay here next to you. We won’t say anything we won’t have to. Time won’t tell you. We just don’t know what to do. Grey and frail searching still, their minds were made and made to stay. When stars fall and answers stall still we wait, still. Time won't tell you, we just don't know what to do.
Track Name: Prelude to a Feather
We’ve been here too long. We’ve been kept here. We’d give anything to fly from here, even our souls.
Track Name: Light As Feather
Old as summer, light as feather, no troubles to be remembered; They were to be free. Off they would float, free as the wind blows, never to find a home and that’s what they traded the devils for their souls. Old as summer, made of feather, as good as tethered to each passing breeze. Off they would float, free as the wind blows, never to find a home and that’s what they traded the devils for their souls. The air on the wind was sweet and whispered to them each to come home, to do anything to come home.
Track Name: In the Forest Further Out
They never saw it coming, not that they weren’t cunning. The branches bent to obscure the sky and a stream will say anything to get you in. They felt conceit, on the brink on their feet, and then the ground gave and the ropes strained. They were fast made. They were taken by the old and in the dark and stale cold the heard a prayer so wild and deep. They felt conceit, they had fought so far and so deep, and when ground gave their minds changed. They were just bait. They knew the pain of the old and how they wouldn’t be the last to feel that cold or hear a prayer so wild and deep. They must survive. They won’t survive. They will come for everyone.